Juul Goes After Replicas and Clones

One of the most popular and renowned manufacturers of the vape pod systems today JUUL will sue against 30 Chinese business entities that were misleading consumers by selling fake products copying authentic ones manufactured by JUUL. A range of American assets of those who sell fake vape devices is frozen temporarily by a federal district court because of a JUUL’s appeal. Such a step was undertaken to prevent accused from using American PayPal accounts to pick up money before the bank accounts will be not allowed to use. 

According to JUUL representative words, the accused are trying to gain on the company’s name and success. They create a lot of e-stores and auctions where they sell counterfeits which look almost the same as authentic JUUL pods thereby mislead consumers. The main concern is that they contain untested ingredients which possibly can be dangerous for health. Juul wants to fight with those who produce fake devices so that the vape market will be free from such products to ensure consumers protection. In the official press release, the company states that it will try to do as much as possible to prevent fake products from being sold so that people can feel safe from counterfeits when buying Juul products.

With the aim to inhibit fake device business, JUUL works with such online platforms specializing in sales as Amazon and eBay where only authorized dealers are permitted to sell JUUL products. Unfortunately, stealing intellectual property and fake products selling occur quite usual in the companies that have China based factories. There are such occasions when factories were making authentic products according to arrangement simultaneously producing fake devices.

Many tobacco control activists and some politicians claim that JUUL takes responsibility not only for the marketing they are doing but as well for the companies using its trademark to sell vaping products to not intended consumers. The legal action against fake device manufacturers can be considered as a way to respond to those critics. According to the words of JUUL company representative, the company tries to restrict the work of those businesses that fulfill the vape market with not authentic JUUL products not thinking about age verification as soon as possible because of the hazard counterfeit products can bring to potential consumers.

One of the main accusations brought against Juul is marketing its vape pods to young consumers. That is why it puts all the efforts to shows that they care about the problem of youth vaping. For this reason, they are for Tobacco 21 laws and donated $30 000 000 on projects aimed at reducing youth use of Juul.

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  • BOP

    The relationship between big tobacco and JUUL: there IS no relationship. Big tobacco, cigarette companies, ARE NOT “taking over the vape market.” JUUL is. An independent startup company founded by two product designers out of Stanford. Big tobacco is incredibly threatened by JUUL’s popularity and it wouldn’t surprise me if pressure from big tobacco lobbyists has led to the recent announcement from the FDA. Just look at how much big tobacco stock prices went up yesterday. James Monsees and Adam Bowen wanted to save lives. Vaping can do just that. They are NOT big tobacco. They are the stuff big tobacco’s nightmares consist of

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