Innokin Innocell Battery

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The Innokin Innocell Battery can be charged without anything connected to it except for a Micro USB, allowing you to vape and let your spare charge without your device.

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Innokin Innocell Battery

The Innokin Innocell Battery is a battery / power system that goes in the Innokin Disrupter Control Body. The Innocell contains 2000 mAh of battery life, rated at 20A Maximum Continuous Discharge. To activate the LED on the battery, you push down. This makes the Innocell show its remaining battery life. Because there is a Micro USB Port on the battery, the user can charge it on its own. Also, the Control Body has a rail system that allows the Innokin Innocell to be placed easily inside of the box mod, powering the Innokin Disrupter Innocell Vaping Power System. 

Innocell Battery Specs and Features:

  • 20A Maximum Continous Discharge
  • 2000 mAh of life
  • Micro USB Port for Charging
  • Tri Color LED that Displays Battery Life when Pushed Down
  • Use a Sliding Lock System for Easier of Battery Replacement
  • Used with the Innokin Disrupter Control Body (Purchased Separately)



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