Hohm Tech Hohm Work 18650 2531 mAh 21.5A Battery

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The Hohm Work 18650 2531mAh 21.5A battery is one of the latest attractive offers of Hohm Tech brand. This newly developed battery features 2531mAh capacity, has a 21.5A CDR rating and a 40.6A.

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Hohm Tech Batteries


It is a 18650 size battery boasting a unique, proprietary chemical mixtures integration that improves performance to levels not seen before. A 37% Cobalt (Co) and Nickel (Ni) composition facilitate superior conductivity and astounding consistency. What is more, this flat top style battery utilizes the Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient maximizing the performance metrics while keeping maintaining safe operating thresholds. For this reason, vapers have a possibility to confidently push vaping mods to its limits with no fear of damaging your battery.

Thanks to a melding process with over 10kHz cycles, the charge rate is increased from a previous 4.25 rating to a 4.75A. All in all, for vapers-enthusiasts who wants each detail of their vaping device to be of the top quality, even the utilized battery, the Hohm Work 18650 2531 mAh 21.5A cell thoroughly crafted by Hohm Tech is a must-have. Best suitable mech mods.

Hohm Tech Hohm Work 18650 2531 mAh 21.5A Battery Specs and Features:

  • High Discharge INR Flat TopBattery
  • BatteryCapacity: 2531mAh
  • Size:18650
  • 3.7V Nominal Voltage
  • 21.5A Continuous Discharge Maximum


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