Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 3077 mAh 20A Battery

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Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 3077mAh 20A battery is a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery produced by a renowned manufacturer. It features 3077mAh capacity and has a flat top style. Crafted with high-drain capability, this battery ensures constant power while using. It is best suitable for regulated box mods.

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Hohm Tech Batteries


Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 3077 mAh 20A Battery Specs and Features:

  • High Discharge INR Flat Top Battery
  • 3077mAh Rated Capacity
  • 3.7V Nominal Voltage
  • Continuous Discharge Current: 20.7A
  • Max Discharge Current: 36.3A


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