Flawless Vape Hot Mess 60mL

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The Flawless Vape Hot Mess has the taste of churros and vanilla ice cream and comes in a super useful 60mL capacity bottle.

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Flawless Vape Hot Mess 60mL

The Flawless Vape Hot Mess 60mL is another great flavor that you should try vaping with. It’s made by the brand named Flawless Vape. With flavors like this one, they are definitely living up to their name. They use the highest quality materials that are available in the entire market. The ingredients are also quite safe, meaning they won’t affect you negatively. The electronic cigarette liquid tastes exactly like the flavors the ingredients are modeled after. First up you have the taste of freshly baked churro. It’s a taste that definitely fits in perfectly with the dessert theme of the flavor. Next, up you have the taste of vanilla ice cream. This adds a creamy feel to the vape juice that will make you dizzy from the amazing taste.

The juice has a nice consistency due to the different ingredients that are part of it. It tastes very sweet and will take you to flavor heaven. Not only will your tastes buds be happy, but your sweet tooth will be, too. The churro and ice cream mix is just awesome. You’ll be lookin’ good blowin’ clouds but you’ll also be lovin’ the dessert flavor of the Hot Mess. Just buy the flavor and use it in your most powerful device. You can also put it into something more portable so you can enjoy the great flavor anywhere you go. Another great feature of this product is the size that it comes in. The 60mL of juice will have you satisfied for months before you run out. You’ll never get tired of the taste or get overwhelmed by it.

The juice comes in different amounts of nicotine also, from 0mg all the way to 6mg.

Give it a try for yourself today and see if you love it, too!


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20% PG/80% VG