Flawless Vape Game Over 60mL

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The Flawless Vape Game Over flavor tastes like fruit loops and ice cream and comes in a price-efficient 60mL bottle.

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Flawless Vape Game Over 60mL

The Flawless Vape Game Over 60mL flavor was created by the exceptional brand named Flawless. This juice was created in the United States of America using the finest ingredients that are available. Most brands can’t even compare to how good these ingredients are. This electronic cigarette liquid has a really awesome flavor, too. It’s considered a dessert and cereal flavor because it incorporates both sweet ingredients and tasty cereal. First of all, there’s the taste of fruit loops. It tastes just like the real thing: fruit flavors coming right from a cereal box. Next, there’s the flavor of ice cream. This makes the flavor have a creamy texture that will really satisfy your sweet tooth. Your taste buds will love and  crave for more of this American product. You’ll never go back to vaping with low-quality flavors because they just won’t be the same anymore.

Your taste buds will never be overwhelmed or get tired of the sweet taste of this vape juice. It has a pretty satisfying 80/20 blend. It’s also quite unique due to the fact that almost no flavors have this mix. Another great feature is that the Flawless Vape Game Over 60mL comes in just one size. The 60mL capacity ensures you can buy just one bottle and be satisfied for longer than a month. You won’t need to buy other flavors during that time either because, as previously stated, you taste buds just won’t be able to get enough! The ice cream and fruit loops mix tastes real and isn’t made out of any chemicals that can harm you. You can vape using your  favorite device for hours on end without feeling like you’re putting your life in danger. Just relax and blow some nice and tasty clouds wherever you like!


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20% PG/80% VG