Five Tips for Newbie Vapers

If you have decided to start vaping and leave the world of traditional smoking behind, the vast amount of information on the internet on best vaping practices for beginners may seem daunting. Below are five of the most essential tips to get the most out of your vaping experience. These tips, if followed habitually, will have you vaping like a pro in no time.

Experimenting is best

While it is true that cigarette smokers are not the only ones who start vaping, they are more likely to. Because of this, it is important for new vapers to be open to trying many different types and flavors of e-liquid in order to find the one that’s right for them. It is similar to your favorite brand of cigarettes. Usually, you would have smoked several kinds before the deciding on a favorite.

Before experimenting, do your research. Many e-liquid brands offer higher nicotine concentrate than others, for example. For smokers who are weaning themselves off cigarettes, having a higher than usual amount of nicotine will help them to completely stop smoking cigarettes as the nicotine in the vapor would be fulfilling this need.

 Caring for your vape

One of the first habits new vapers must get into is caring for their vapes properly. It is highly recommended that you disassemble your vape hardware each night. Doing so is important for a number of reasons. However, the most important is to prevent e-liquid spills. If e-liquid is left inside the tank of your vape, little leakages may occur which may end up affecting the battery. Preventing your vape’s exposure to direct sunlight is also important. This will prevent your batteries from overheating, which may result in it exploding which can cause a fire.  Similarly, you have to be careful of how you carry your vape in your pockets; items such as keys may disrupt your device. Additionally, cleaning your vapes regularly ensure that they work in tip-top shape. Otherwise, oil build may negatively affect the quality of your vaping experience, such as the taste of the e-liquid.

Deciding on Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung 

Mouth to Lung vaping essentially means inhaling the e-liquid and letting it settle in the mouth for a little while before taking it into the lung. This is similar to how we smoke a cigarette and is usually how persons vape when they are just starting out.

Direct Lung vaping does not involve keeping the e-liquid in the mouth after inhalation. Instead, the vapor is inhaled straight to the lungs. Experienced vapors are more likely to use this method. Vaping this way may be unpleasant for newbies as the direct hit to the lung may be harsh and cause coughing.

It is recommended to start off with the mouth to lung method and if desired, gradually work your way to direct lung by gauging how quickly you allow the vapor to go to your lung.

One of the most popular mouth to lung vaping these days is with nicotine salts. Read guide “What is Nicotine Salt and how to vape it” for more.

Making your first purchase 

Before making your first purchase you must decide on how much you want to spend. There are many different kinds of vapes out there. Let us look at pod mods, sub ohm and non-sub ohm vape pens and box mods. Pod mods are more expensive than vape pens but offer many advantages which users find convenient, like the fact that with pods they don’t have to fill tanks or prime coils.

Sub ohm pens are more expensive than none sub ohm pens however they produce bigger vapor clouds and give altogether smoother vaping hits. On the other hand, non-sub pens are cheaper but since they use less juice they are less convenient as it means heavy vapers have to continually refill their tanks or use higher nicotine e-liquid.

Box mods are most powerful devices, producing biggest clouds. It’s one of the most expensive options but if you’re into tasting variety of different flavors at their best, buying a box mod kit is good idea. Check suggestions for mod first time buyers here.

Maintaining your juice 

The e-liquid, or the juice, that is vaped must be cared for in the same manner that the vaping device is.  Firstly, it is important to know that before vaping you should shake your e-liquid so as to ensure you mix the propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin mixture and the nicotine properly. This is what makes vaping enjoyable as the quality of the vapor is better.


In the same way, it is important to keep your vaping device out of direct sunlight, it is equally important to keep the juice out of direct exposure to sunlight. Sunlight diminishes the quality of nicotine so if you are just quitting smoking the intensity of nicotine is necessary for you to enjoy vaping as much as you enjoyed smoking cigarettes.


The type of material used to make the vaping equipment is important too as sometimes the chemicals found in plastic vapes may eventually break down and affect the quality of your vaping juice.


Vaping can be very enjoyable experience if done right. It is important to educate yourself on the different products out there before spending your hard earned money.  One final advice for new vapers is to ensure they are buying from reputable sources to ensure they are getting only quality products.


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