E-juice flavors

Different e-juice flavors – different vaping experience

Did you ever think about all the different sensations that we get while vaping? How is it possible to get thousands of different feelings, emotions? Yes, the hardware is more complex than ever before, hundreds of Watts in the box mods, extremely low resistances but all those numbers would never be so impressive without one main element, E-juice.

Today you can enjoy the various vaping experiences because of a wide range of e-juices presenting such a diverse flavors. During the past few years, the vaping industry has developed so many different flavors that each vaper, even with the most sophisticated taste can find an e-juice to satisfy personal needs and preferences. Besides this, e-juice manufacturers continue crafting more and more new flavors combinations to impress vapers with unusual and delicious flavor combinations.

Sensations while vaping

One of the most interesting thoughts is how different e-liquid flavors can evoke various feelings from vaping. When you’re searching for a cooling effect the e-juice market offers a variety of refreshing flavors, which can revitalize you. Looking for something sweet: a big number of e-juices come with sweet flavors to satisfy your cravings.

My personal favorites are such flavors, which are capable of plunging you into an atmosphere of childhood because of its nostalgic flavors. It can be your favorite candy flavor, a milk shake or your granny’s bakery, which you were accustomed to eating when you were a child. Some e-juices will transfer you to tropical islands with a variety of exotic fruit flavors such as mango, guava, passion fruit, pineapple, and others. While vaping such e-liquids you will feel like you are lying somewhere on the island, sunbathing and eating succulent tropical fruits. Totally relaxing, isn’t it? So, all these feelings you can get from vaping thanks to the creativity of e-juice manufacturers and their ability of extremely smart flavors blending.

Flavor categories

If to speak more concrete, we can put all e-juices in several categories. Such as fruit, dessert, tobacco, milk, mint, candy and cereal flavors. The e-juice with dessert, candy or fruit flavors are usually sweet. Lucky you, if you enjoy sweet flavors because its choice is extremely wide. Yummy blends will bring you sweet enjoyment. Cinnamon rolls, cheesecakes, croissants, – a sweet paradise. Fruit flavors, in particular, can sometimes mix sweet and tart flavors to create truly mouth-watering concoctions.

Creamy additions make e-juices taste more dulcet. It can be, for example, whipped cream, ice cream, or custard. If you want to get mild, delicate vaping experience, to choose the e-juices with such creamy notes will be a very good idea.

For cereals lovers, there is a big variety of e-juices, which taste like your favorite morning meal. It means that you can enjoy your favorite morning taste during the whole day.

Tobacco flavored e-juices

I have to say big thanks to the tobacco flavored e-liquids manufacturers. They are still very popular among and the new wave of tobacco blends gives us juices better than ever before. Such e-juices can be a good option not only to move from smoking to vaping but enjoying them again after feeling “now I tried everything” occurs. It is one of the main advantages of this category of e-liquids. While some tobacco e-juices taste like real tobacco, the others are much more delicious blends of tobacco with other flavors. Do you know that tobacco flavor combines well especially with sweet additions? Caramel, vanilla, yogurt, banana and other sweet notes make tobacco e-juices very, very tasty. Such e-juices can definitely become your favorite all-day vape for a long time. Be sure to try these blends of flavors! There is no doubt that such e-juices will expand your vaping experience.

Flavors Complexity

In general, what concerns the flavor combinations, on the today’s e-juice market still exist e-liquids, which have two flavors combined or which present only one flavor. But a huge number of e-juices today mix together 3-4 flavors. Some e-juice even combine 5 flavors or more in one bottle. The smart blending of flavors and e juice components allows feeling the whole palette of flavors while vaping. Thanks to this, your daily vaping experiences can be incredible. Choose the flavor you are passionate about whether it will be tobacco, dessert, fruit or anything else and enjoy the vaping fully!

Don’t forget to experiment with new unusual flavor combinations!

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