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Vape Pen

Vape Pen

A vape pen is a small device that is used to inhale the vapor that is created from the e-juice. Their name suggests that they are in the shape of a pen, which is completely true. They’re sleek and quite inexpensive due to the low amount of resources it takes to manufacture one. They’re quite powerful creations that have taken the whole world by storm and are slowly becoming more and more popular. In 2013, there were about two and a half million vapers (people that vape) in the United States alone. These numbers have been exponentially increasing since then, reaching over nine million in 2013. A vape pen is a perfect place to start before moving on to the more expensive yet more capable vape mods. Vaping pens are much easier to use and understand for a beginner.

What’s really nifty about the vape pen is the fact that it is a much safer and more economic. Vaping brings the opportunity to taste many sweet and fruity flavors that can’t be inhaled with anything else. Vaping is very smooth and can be experienced with almost any flavor; blueberry muffins, mint, alcoholic beverages, candy, and much more!

History of the Vape Pen

An inventor named Herbert Gilbert was the first one to experiment with cigarettes that don’t produce harmful smoke. Because it was so far back, many people didn’t yet know the dangers that were brought from smoking cigarettes. This is why people in those times weren’t interested in the concept; they felt it wasn’t necessary. About 40 years later, in the early 2000s, a Chinese Pharmacist named Hong Lik wanted to find an alternative to smoking that was much safer. He was motivated to do so because of his father’s death to lung cancer. He felt it was his duty to prevent other people from dying in the same way. Lik created the very first electronic cigarette that works similarly to today’s product. It sold but didn’t blast off the way it is today.

In 2006, advancements in technology led to the release of the cartomizer. This made the possibilities for vape products soar due to how useful they were. The cartomizer allowed electronic cigarettes to produce a larger amount of vapor because they had the ability to hold much more vape juice. Next year, in 2007, the very first vape pen was created in California. It was used for medicinal marijuana and made quite an impact on the market. Two years later, a very first vape pen to use wax was created. From then on it has improved to the degree it is today, a fast, efficient, and inexpensive device to on high-quality flavors.

Today there are many brands that are manufacturing great vape kits. If you’re new to vaping, we would highly recommend you to check products available from following brands: Kangertech, Aspire Vape, Eleaf, Joyetech, iJoy, Smok Tech.