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Atomizer Head

Atomizer Head

An atomizer head is one of the three main components of every electronic cigarette. The other two parts that are always included are the battery and the tank. Essentially, what the atomizer does is turn your e-liquid into vapor. The head has a coil inside of it that heats up with the use of a battery. The liquid then turns into a vapor once it is hot enough. The atomizer can also be in the vape device on its own. A soft wick is then used to absorb vape juice and regulate how much liquid is in the atomization process at once.

How to find coil heads on Vape Drive?

After being vapers for many years by ourselves, we alwasys found that finding coil heads were more complicated than we fought it should be. It has never been easier to find the coil head for your tank on Vape Drive: the filter is on the left, from there you have two ways to find your atomizer head:

1.Find your preferred brand and look from there.

2.Find your preferred tank and see the exact matches.