Buying Your First Box Mod Kit

If you’re planning on buying your first box mod, then we have all the information you’ll need to help you narrow down your first purchase!

Vaping has exploded in popularity around the globe with thousands of people quitting smoking and taking up e-cigarettes and vaporizers instead. If you have tried an e-cigarette or vape pen but want to get more out of your vaping experience, then it’s time that you upgraded to a mod kit. Understanding what to look for when you’re thinking of buying your first box mod is never a straightforward task, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. We have prepared the information you’ll need to choose your first box mod kit!


We’re going to break down the entire process into some easy to follow steps that will make choosing your first box mod a breeze! Box mods are a more powerful version of the simple pen style e-cigarettes many vapers start out with. They are capable of pumping out more power, the batteries last longer, and they allow vapers to experience true sub-ohm vaping. What started out as a battery and unregulated wiring which pushes current directly from the battery to the coil, has evolved into LCDs, safety chipsets, and circuit boards that make customizing your vaping experience simple, quick, and oh so easy.


  1. Mouth to Lung versus Direct to Lung – If you want to vape MTL or DTL, then it’s important that you choose a box mod which is capable of providing this. MTL is when you inhale vapor into your mouth and then into your lungs versus DTL which is when you inhale the vapor straight into your lung, bypassing the pause. Box mod kits are mainly for direct to lung vaping, with much fever kits to select for a mouth to lung vaping fans.
  1. Internal or External Batteries – If you love being able to swap out your batteries for fresh ones, then you’re going to need to buy a box mod with external batteries. This will allow you to carry spare batteries on long trips when you don’t have access to external power sources.
    If charging isn’t a problem, then an internal battery source is your answer.


  1. Squonking, Sub-Ohm, or Dripping – What style of vaping you’re planning on doing plays a major role in the box mod you choose. If you plan on the fashionable Squonking, then you’re going to need to choose a Squonk box mod kit that is sold with a Squonk tank or dripping atomizer.
    Most box mods are powerful enough to be able to drip and sub-ohm vape. Box mod kits generally come with an accompanying tank that works best with that mod. All these styles of vaping will require a certain amount of power, so make sure the box mod you choose is up to the task.


  1. Regulated Mods Versus Un-Regulated Mods – Regulated mods contain circuit boards and chipsets which control the amount of power which is released to the coil. They also include safety features like automatic shut off to prevent accidental firing. Un-regulated mods have none of these safety features and are much more dangerous to new vapers. When you press the firing button, current is sent directly to the coil until you let go of the firing button. Un-regulated mods are only recommended for vapers that have been vaping for 6-12 months and understand Ohm’s law and electronics.


  1. Your Budget – The biggest factor will ultimately come down to your budget. After spending some time and searching on Vape Drive for the best deals you can get a very decent box mod kit for $40 – $60, average prices for the higher end kits with more power and functions are up around the $60 – $200 mark. Most box mods outlast their users, so you’ll find that your battery wears out long before your box mod usually will.

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