Beard Vape Co. No. 88 30ml

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Beard Vape Co. No. 88

Okay, there is a puzzle for you. Don‘t read further until you solve it. What kind of taste hides under Beard Vape Co. No. 88? Found an answer? No? No problem, we will talk about it in a moment.

Beard Vape Co. is a brand with a sense of humor. They cipher their products so vapers don‘t know what are they looking at until they read about it. However, they are not so humorous when making vape juices. Vice versa, Beard Vape Co. gives 100% effort to create something that will astonish vaper just after inhale. Okay, let‘s get back to the riddle. Beard Vape Co. No. 88 is called this name because it is a reference to worldwide famous sweets After Eights. Now you can guess the flavor of No. 88. Yes, it is an after – dinner chocolate mint vape. The inhale starts with a strong boost of lush dark chocolate which will certainly satisfy your taste buds. It later combines with a crusty cookie creating this super sweet yet a bit bitter chocolate cookie flavor. Where is mint? During the whole cycle, it pops in and out supplementing both chocolate and cookie. Mint reaches its peak at the very end of an exhale and leaves your mouth fresh and cool.

Beard Vape Co. No. 88 comes in a 15ml and 30ml glass bottles with squeeze dropper. The bottle is very convenient and has kind of hipsterish design. Available nicotine levels for this vape juice are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. No. 88 has VG/PG ratio of 80/20 and will definitely produce a decent amount of minty yet sweet vapor. It will go down to lungs really smoothly but will deliver a hint of subtle throat hit. Suitable for all vapers who loves after – dinner sweets.

Beard Vape Co. No. 88 summary:

  • Bottle Size: 15ml or 30ml
  • Available Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg
  • Flavor Profile: Chocolate, Cookie, Mint


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20% PG/80% VG