Americans Think Vaping Is Bad To the Same Extent As Smoking

According to a recent poll, most Americans tend to think that vaping causes the same bad effect as smoking traditional cigarettes. If you are following the recent news you probably heard about the campaign aiming at demonizing vaping and nicotine explode during this decade, so the poll results will not surprise you.

The poll results show that a half of Americans guess vaping is not safer than smoking cigarettes. As well, there are such findings as:

  • 50% think vaping is as bad as smoking
  • 20% think that vaping is safer than smoking
  • 17% are not sure whether vaping or smoking is safer
  • 13% find vaping even worse than smoking in terms of health impacts

This statistics is based on a Rasmussen Reports poll released in August. It is a national polling organization specializing in collecting public opinion samples on various topics featuring political, commercial, and lifestyle characteristics. One thousand adults from the US were interviewed online or by phone. The survey results have about 3% point margin of error.

The respondents had to answer 2 questions:

  • Is smoking electronic cigarettes more or less safe than smoking traditional cigarettes, or is the health risk about the same?
  • Do you favor or oppose the smoking of e-cigarettes in public places?

No Surprise in the Poll Results

Unsurprisingly, this survey brings almost the same results as the previous ones. According to a survey data analysis made by researchers at Georgia State University the number of Americans who tend to think that vaping causes the same harm to people’s health as smoking tripled between 2012 and 2015 years.

In the US those years brought the biggest growth in the vaping industry. Respectively, anti-vaping forces put as much effort as they can to change minds about a smoking substitute. Whether vaping is a worthy substitution or not. Since 2015, the strategies of those who tried to nip e-cigarettes were connected with the nicotine impact as the main focus due to the fact that a larger part of American population think that nicotine is the main reason causing cancer.

As for the recent anti-vaping campaigns, they consider concerns not only about nicotine but flavors as well including concerns about teenagers possibly starting vaping and becoming addicted to nicotine. JUUL company with its incredibly fast rise was one of the reasons why anti-vaping media operations began to widen. For now, almost every press release and various stories since early this year have utilized teen juuling as a trick to grow fear about vaping and increase mistrust to it.

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